Harvey Weinstein sexual harrassment claims


Christ it’s opened a Pandora’s Box of awful. Look at centrist dad Marina Hyde in action a while back:

TV’s Myleene Klass has broken another 12-second silence to offer up some unsolicited yet eye-catching news about herself.

somehow, even by their own standards, her latest outburst is a piece of work to behold. According to Myleene, a married megastar recently attempted to make her his legally formalised bit on the side.

Mister Spielberg, not only would your boys take a hell of a beating, but your Babylonian citadel of money and power and flickering dreams would fall – fall, I tell you! – if it ever emerged who had maybe tried to have it off with third-string British telly presenter Myleene Klass.

Still, I suppose it’s nice to have a female C-lister taking this sort of approach to a guessing game, as opposed to the now-traditional route, wherein TV viewers or readers of their autobiographies are invited to guess who raped or sexually assaulted the lady in question some years previously.


I watched this live and you could tell from the outset it was a very clumsy, rushed, poorly thought-out piece of programming.

There were many things wrong with it that I think have been covered in the replies on twitter and articles above. One other thing though – right at the very end as Emily Maitlis was wrapping up, Jordan Stephens from Rizzle Kicks (who was on the right page for most of the debate but didn’t do a good job of presenting an argument) interjected and quickly made a case for the affect of toxic masculinity on men’s health, at which point the panel of men nodded gravely and agreed. The moment seemed to capture the deep-seated inability of men to assess the sexual harassment of women as a problem of entirely their doing and showed that they only seemed concerned about how they are affected directly.


jesus that’s awful


I read an article by her the other day. It was some guff about the sexual indiscretions of Weinstein being an illness…but it was really clever-clever and I didn’t get the tone at all (not trying to tone police…it was just really hard to figure out what the joke was and whether there was any benefit to the article at all)


This makes me think of that meme, “MALE PRIVILEGE” in big letters over dead soldiers at the Somme or in Iraq or whatever. It’s like, no, this is what patriarchy leads to, imperialism and using lads - boys, really - as cannon fodder so strong men can have their dick waving contests. On some level I’m sure a lot of us, as men, do get that, but that extra connection between dying in the army, say, and female rape victims never gets made, that it’s all part of the same matrix of oppression (not doing a good job at all of explaining my thinking here but maybe you see what I’m getting at).

[Probably somebody better qualified than me can untangle that^ and see what I was trying to get across.]


She’s always been a really cynical piece of work. People toast her because of her way with a biting one liner, but it’s always from the fence posts, always without real substance.


I do like her for her biting one-liners.

They’re usually very good.




It was about how when the likes of Weinstein and Spacey have their actions exposed as they have been recently, they announce that they’re “seeking treatment” or similar. “For what?” is what the article was saying/asking.


I thought it might be that but couldn’t get on with the writing style. I wouldn’t want to imply that she wasn’t making a just point with her article…but I found it too convoluted to make its point.


This raises a whole bunch of questions


It really does. I hate to think how many offences have been hushed-up and brushed away with the assistance of the Church of Scientology members.


A good piece on Kevin Spacey in terms of his effect on the gay community and the wider situation:


Scientology rules say that members of the church must never report a Scientologist to law enforcement. The punishment would be immediate expulsion from the church

Not a cult at all


Jo Brand!


this is the one I alluded to who has now been named


I really can’t stand Ian Hislop or private eye and find it so weird that people can


What’s the deal with the rizzle kicks one I thought he was meant to be a creep?


The anger here, wow


Ivan Lewis is a sack of shit :weary:


Can’t really like this, but yeah, fuck.