Harvey Weinstein sexual harrassment claims


I think with this, the accusations came in March, so Netflix kinda ignored it as was the fashion of the time.

Remember the Saville situation opening the floodgates for celebrity paedophiles in the UK? Well I thought Bill Cosby would be the floodgate situation for celebrity sexual assaulters in the US, but it was Weinstein instead.

Maybe the situation with this (Masterson) will change now it’s been chucked back into the spotlight post-Weinstein.


I watched the whole episode and the way they addressed the whole scandal was unbelievable. They treated it like it was tabloid gossip to be laughed at.


I generally like HIGNFY, but the whole tone of that first segment was awful, properly grim. I’m surprised it took them as long as it did to be admonished by Brand.


Yeah hignfy was fucking awful.



pretty good summary of why so many academic men ‘versed in feminist theory’ are not feminists.

as argued here:



twiggy fired from marilyn manson. a friend of mine had a bad experience with him also.


HIGNFY needs firing into space using whatever rocket we’re sending John Humphries on.


Has this been debunked or something doesn’t seem to be getting much attention


I like how since then he’s been calling out other people as creeps and yet left this tweet up.


Didn’t realise the fkn pictures would be posted in full too. Uh @moderators is there a way to sort this


other than deleting the post, i don’t think so no


If they’re meaning anything more adult by it then yeah, very gross, but to be fair I wouldn’t guess she was even close to 13 there - but that’s more to do with my absolutely inability to judge ages rather than anything else.


Could you delete it then like I reckon I could just summarise or whatever, like C+P:

[TWEET BY REPORTER MIKE SINGTON: “Millie Bobby Brown just grew up in front of our eyes. (She’s 13!)”]

Edit: That’s lame tho^


Have I been done here I can’t even tell anymore


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She’s actually Eleven * ba-dum tsh *


It’s probably a very ill-thought-out attempt at a joke in quite a grave thread. Not at your expense at all bt.


Can we make this a banter-free thread please?


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Fucking hell