Harvey Weinstein sexual harrassment claims


wow… no words. sending an undercover spy to extract information from a rape victim is next level psychopathic.


So THAT’s the article everyone’s going on about. I tried looking for it last night under the mistaken idea it was in the New York Times…

And yeah. It’s bleak.


I read this last night before going to bed, which wasn’t the greatest idea - couldn’t sleep for ages but anyway

His behaviour has all the hallmarks of addiction and deep psychological disorder (though usually with addiction it is the addict who is most at risk & that is clearly not the case here)

Cant help thinking that if he was a nobody in the middle of nowhere there would have been multiple FBI teams on the hunt for a serial rapist & he would have been locked up years ago

Such a fucked up thing that money & power buys immunity for monsters & psychopaths

I don’t even know if there is adequate law written that takes into account such aggravated covert harrassment of his victims on top of the assaults & rapes in - as the article mentions, it’s all run through lawyers with ‘attorney-client privilege’

How the fuck has he not been arrested yet?


You just know his lawyers have hired PIs who right now are digging up as much shit as they can on the various journalists, victims, and police departments looking into his crimes. Wouldn’t be surprised if there are some retracted statements and suspended investigations and the like coming soon.


JFC :pensive:


academic at my old college

“Oxford’s Middle East Centre initially said they intended for Mr Ramadan to continue in his role, after a meeting of its staff, the university’s student newspaper Cherwell reported.
Students were reportedly told they could ask a faculty member to be present at any meetings with the professor.”


weird that they’re describing it this way though, why not just ‘professor’?



I kno it’s Perez but the story is popping up elsewhere too.


Read that as Charlie Brooker and was both very sad and very confused


The reposts of his divorce papers, oh god


I assume you mean the Islamic bit? Media loves a bit of dogwhistle, eh? :frowning:

(Regarding scholar over Professor, I thought there were all sorts of weird rules in UK academia about that title? Like in the US I was told it’s more like a thing you’re awarded so supersedes a PhD but in the UK it’s attached to the specific institution. So I wouldn’t discount Oxford having some crazy rules about when it can be used.)


Suprised there has been no mention of this situation. Seems tragic all round. Maybe not big news outside of Wales ?


shame google translate is so poor… #metoo has become huge in Sweden and yesterday one of the daily newspapers published an open letter from 456 Swedish actresses who all testify to having been subject to sexual harassment in their industry (also, the open letter is behind a paywall, which seems pretty cynical)

also, a very high profile Swedish broadcaster & journalist Alexandra Pascalidou is compiling a book of hundreds of the #metoo stories which will soon be published

in her words

– Jag vill att den ska bli ett verktyg för att hantera de här frågorna och att kunna blicka framåt. Den här diskussionen får inte bara bli ett tomtebloss som slocknar och försvinner ut i cyberrymden, säger hon.

which translates to

“I want this book to be a tool for managing these issues & questions and in doing so take us forward. This discussion cannot be allowed to be sparks that just burn out & disappear into cyberspace” - she says

there have also been pretty sizeable public demonstrations

So yeah, the conversation here at least is beginning to move on to talking about concrete strategies to affect structural change and is really not that focused at all anymore on individual accusations (though there were many in the first week or two)


There’s been a couple of mentions but not much chat. Agreed though it’s a pretty tragic story.


There’s not been much media coverage that I’ve seen - is the suggestion that it was suicide linked to the allegations and that something Jones has done in handling them could well have been the trigger?


Indeed, specifically it’s that he was sacked from his position before hearing the details of the allegations. It’s not entirely clear that that was the case however as some witnesses are suggesting he discussed prior allegations before Carl Sargeant before these recent discussions.

Edit: They were prior allegations not the recent allegations



There are a lot of stories about Seagal, some of which are really horrific.


This is the first I’d seen tbf but you read it and instantly go “yeah that’s not an isolated incident is it”.


The scary thing about this story is that she called her agent, not his and yet the agent still was unsurprised.