Harvey Weinstein sexual harrassment claims


Scary and unsurprising in entirely equal measure.


Molly ringwald’s story was similar, said she fired her agent on the spot. Seems a lot agents are complicit in these allegations.

But yeah, some horrific stuff about steven seagal already out there


Yeah, it’s well known the man’s a psychopath. To the extent where nobody significant in Hollywood has been willing to have anything to do with him for some time now and he’s had to go abroad to find work, which really says something.


I didn’t know any of this but, then again, I don’t follow news etc. about Hollywood at all really.


If you have a look at BBC News Wales, there are several stories. Understandably it’s headline news here at the moment.


Thanks - will try and have a look this evening!




Well this certainly doesn’t look good


I really don’t understand this film - am I in a different dimension? How did this get made? It’s completely fucked up on every level.


it got made in secret and with his own money


Why are those actors in it? Do they realise what it’s about? Why is he trying to make a Woody Allen film. Does he know who Woody Allen is? What’s going on??? I’m so confused.


Quite enjoy that he’s made his little vanity project and will see basically no return on it and probably won’t get any work in the forseeable to make up for it.


well i mean he’s basically in a place where he can commission his own projects and sell them on his own website, and this film has already been bought for distribution i believe

obviously that all might change with the NYT article but… i wouldn’t gloat just yet



Yer man Peter Bradshaw was giving it a very positive billing only a couple of months ago

Maybe only Louis CK could have got away with such a controversial subject - that’s if he has got away with it - and done so with such elegant wit.

Myopic, to say the least


Quite interesting how the English press are calling it “child sexual assault” whereas the American media are really queasily dancing around it, just calling it “allegations” of “misconduct”.


the most important person in his life is his outrageously sexy and spoiled 17-year-old daughter China

Yeah legal age is 16 and Chloe Moretz is in her 20s IRL but still, “outrageously sexy 17-year-old daughter.”


This defence of Moore is pretty staggering:


There are hundreds of stories about him being a fucking pervert years before this.


“Nothing illegal”? Aside from the fact that it’s literally illegal?