Harvey Weinstein sexual harrassment claims


I want 21st century economics and political kickbacks but I would prefer the Stone Age’s approach to diddling children.



CK takes a different tack


Some disturbing accusations relating to the singer from Brand New currently doing the rounds on Facebook. Uproxx have already picked up on it. Grim.


Sounds pretty horrible, tbh

Having to question myself about this quite frankly. Rumours of Jesse Lacey and sexual misconduct have been circling for a while…I’m not a long term Brand New fan but I’ve knowingly listened to them whilst being aware of those rumours. Not good enough, really.


This is neither here nor there but basically all this stuff has added to some other stuff I was already processing and I don’t trust any fucker anymore. We always hear that stat about how many women will be sexually assaulted but I’d be interested to know how many men are likely to commit some form of sexual assault cos I reckon it’s pretty goddamned high.


Oh Christ




Seeing them next week. I’m not sure I can bring myself to read the links in that post.


Watching the ric flair 30 for 30 doc atm and in the first 5 minutes they’ve glossed over what is actually sexual misconduct as college hijinks. Think until it’s called out people can convince themselves that something is innocent or not that big a deal. It’s all very grim indeed


I can only imagine the WWE will have to gut their hall of fame if wrestling’s history of sexual harassment becomes widely publicised.


you’re giving them far too much credit there


Reminds me of that “Class of 92” documentary about Man Utd, which soft pedals hazing rituals that would probably be reported to the police for sexual assault nowadays tbh.


Vince seems like a fucking horrible creep just just in from stuff he’s done on camera


Didn’t he once try to write a storyline where Stephanie would have his baby.


Vince would do it if its likely to save the bottom line - he’s not afraid to cut talent lose if there’s a sniff of something that’s going to blow back on the brand.


just last night I watched Heyman call out Lawler as a paedophile live on tv and he just brushes it off:


allegedly, yes


I think the Lawler thing’s come up a number of times. So long as it stays “in the business” nothing’ll come of it. The moment it gets wider coverage I think steps will be taken to protect the family friendly image they’ve tried to cultivate.


I mean, there’s a literal murderer in there now, they named a tournament after mae young, and they’re pushing warrior as some kind of inspiration to breast cancer survivors, so I’m not so sure they wouldn’t brush this under the carpet too.

heard some properly dodgy stuff about flair btw. I guy I know had to film an interview with him for a promo for one of the 2k games, apparently he was hammered and bragging about all kinds of crazy shit. 2k owned the footage though so obvs none of that stuff came out