Harvey Weinstein sexual harrassment claims



Everyone goes on about grohl being “nice” but i could never get on board with that after reading some of the stuff he said about her. It was a long time ago and i don’t remember the details but the impression i got was less nice, more misogynist


That Ellen Page statement is horrific and fantastically written


hm. I’ve broken ties altogether with several bands who are a connected part of that wider scene in the states, because of things that have happened to good friends, and those concerned have always been very vocally ‘right on’ about this stuff. The emo scene, from a distance, appears to be a lot of creepy men telling women that all the OTHER men are creepy.


I hate to repeat what I said about Spacey, but this thing with Brand New is even closer. It is easier to forget an actor and give up on his work, but a band I’ve never seen, one where I rank as one of my all time favourites, going out with a final tour and the gig is seven days away? I honestly don’t know what to do.

Or, maybe I do know what to do, but selfishly don’t want to at the same time?

I know what is the right thing to do, of course I do.

And it feels like this is only going to get worse - where are the British comedians? There must be loads of stories of them doing shady shit. And the footballers, actors… This is a reckoning and it can’t come quickly enough.


as an emo fanboy since forever, my jaw is heavily tightened in advance.


I’ve been pretty blissfully unaware until reading a lot of the stories last night of Pete Wentz and others. I’m just so sad. BN are such an enormous part of who I am. The radio silence is infuriating.


i mean the thing about that scene is that… especially when you look at fallout boy but actually further than that, is that you have a lot of young alt/emo kids who have low self esteem, and in fact found the lyrics as ‘safe spaces’ specifically BECAUSE of that low self esteem. And that’s great if the artists in question are good people. But in terms of a scene absolutely vulnerable to cunts taking advantage of people, it’s got to be pretty much right at the top. Obv you can’t jump to conclusions but there are some peers of Brand New that i’ve long felt uncomfortable listening to thinking along those lines.


I don’t doubt it. It’s endemic wherever there’s a power imbalance.


it’s also a scene where there’s that element of ‘no barriers’ between artist and crowd but they’re nonetheless pretty massive-level artists. so it allows people to be horrifically shady without scrutiny. not that it appears scrutiny has stopped a-listers doing what they like, of course.



Well if anyone has any suggestions as to alternative things to do in central London next Saturday night I’m all ears :confused:


i shall be lynching pedos and rapists. It’s literally the only activity that cannot be ruined by pedos and rapists at this point :confused:


Sorry to split hairs, but paedo(phile)s are not necessarily criminals in the way rapists are. A paedophile who acts upon their desires is automatically an abuser/rapist/sexual assault perpetrator, but the latent sexual preference does not automatically make them a criminal. A good example is the “dunkelfeld project” in Germany, which is a treatment/support network for inactive paedo/hebophiles (there is still an issue that many who are “inactive” may just be “active without detection”)


Hiya. I’m absolutely happy to amend my post to ‘lyching rapists and also pedos who rape’.


To be fair, I knew that the subtext to your original post would be aimed at “offending paedos”…I just wanted to make a distinction


yes, we’re on’t same page but i am aware that people who don’t know me could assume i am suggesting a salem-esque purge. i am sincerely not, people in MI6.


Although that has just reminded me of the Holly and Jessica case. Remember when one of the lead investigators into their disappearance was caught paying for child pornography? So actually, statement retracted. #burnliterallyeverythingatthispoint


I’m sure it’s worryingly, disturbingly high, but sure I’ve also read that it’s a “relatively” small number of men who commit a large proportion of these attacks. Not that that’s any better really.


Mm… I’d say a good 80-90% of men who are into women have assaulted or harassed one at some point in their life.


Talking about people in western society, cos fuck knows what it’s like elsewhere