Harvey Weinstein sexual harrassment claims


Also interestingly written by Woody Allen’s estranged son. (Who really really despises his dad).


I think Weinstein became more hands on in the actual direction of the film, sure some recent ones involved him.rewritig the ending etc


He’s prob on of the most famous producers in Hollywood, he and his brother started Miramax.


Duuno if he actually wrote anything but there was a director recently who wrote about his film being stuck on a shelf because he refused the weinstein’s suggested ending/changes.


Isn’t there much more to producing than that - hiring directors, production people etc, and sort of managing the entire film making project in general?


There’s a few stories like this in Peter Biskind’s Down and Dirty Pictures. Essentially he tried to bully and manipulate the directors of films that the Weinsteins held the rights to into sexing up / simplifying endings of films and shelving them if they refused.


That article is full of updates that imply it’s a bit half-baked - the editor of the NYTimes, the writer herself and Matt Damon all clarify.


I know everyone hates Mark Kermode now but he’s on record as basically saying if you’re not with Weinstein you aren’t likely to have a hope of getting an Oscar. That was a few years ago, though, so maybe his power there was already waning?


yeah i mean that’s why Meryl Streep called him god. he made indie films serious contenders. but fuck it, his reign is over and he was a total cunt so good riddance. cinema will hopefully move on to greener pastures.


I guess it’s still a ‘breaking story’ with accusations, clarifications & legal threats rolling in all day


Oh sure, I suppose but it seems a bit weird that they quickly had all three parties commenting. I mean if you want to write that story don’t you first ring up the journalist to confirm you’re not just talking wild bollocks?


/stolen from Simpsons Shitposting, not my spelling.


Not sure what you mean

Farrow had been writing/investigating this story for 10 months, then the NYT story broke first so I guess this one was published either 3 days too late or a day too soon depending on which way you look at it

By which I mean there was a dramatic sea change yesterday re who was & wasn’t a) prepared to go on record with their own testimony & b) publish despite legal threats/libel risk


jfc I love Mark Kermode


Feel impressed and depressed about this in equal measure. It is good that his world has collapsed around him overnight now that the shit has hit the fan, but the fact that it has taken so long for an ‘open secret’ to come out because of the rotten-ness at the core of the US film industry is just miserable.


Although the Weinstein Company have won a lot of Oscars, they’ve hit rather a long patch of bad recent form. I wonder if there was a perception that they weren’t quite the power they were, so now is the time to settle the scores.


Feels like this is going to be absolutely huge for the film industry and probably other entertainment industries which have been a hotbed for exploitation, in a similar way that Saville dragged down a lot of other BBC scumbags with him.


so he’s gone to Europe for treatment as a sex addict…
or is he doing a Polanski?


I know that sex addiction is a recognised condition but it does piss me off that there is always this ‘get-out’ for rich celebs who get caught with their kecks down: ‘It wasn’t me, it was my addiction. I’m ill. I need treatment’

F. right O, M


Given Weinstein’s status as such a big liberal doner how did none of the right wing press ever get hold of this Hollywood open secret?