Harvey Weinstein sexual harrassment claims


As ever, don’t read the replies to the Twitter thread about this.


Too late :frowning: :angry:


This one is really grim.

Can’t fucking believe he was allowed to continue with the film (let alone avoid jail) after this. :anguished:


Well this can fuck off:


Holy shit.


The words “sent home” make it seem like some sort of schoolyard prank…not a serious sexual assault against a minor.


Firstly, fuck Bryan Cranston for conflating mental health issues with the actions of Weinstein and Spacey.

Secondly, fuck Bryan Cranston for framing the conversation in terms of forgiving people who haven’t even been properly held to account for their actions.

Thirdly, fuck Bryan Cranston


One of Gnarwolves released a statement apologising for groping and verbally abusing a girl a few years ago in a club in Glasgow. One of the better statements but fuck that guy for doing it in the first place. Urgh.


The headline doesn’t really reflect what he said, to be fair


Nah, fuck that. I read the article. It’s still absolute bullshit. These guys are serial abusers they don’t deserve to come back.


well it’s official society is doomed


This article about the culture of abuse at Vice is just …well…

Fuck Vice & their bullshit fratboy bullshit


Love to read Vice. Love to read their investigative reports.

“I smeared myself in cow shit and tried to go shopping in Sainsburys”

“This is what happens when you surf the internet…with an actual surfboard!?”

“I enrolled in Al-Nusra while in blackface”

“How much child pornography could I download before the fuzz come knocking?”


Can you leave this kind of stuff out of the thread please?


Fuck that mate, Vice are awful. At a loss really. Have you read this…

Syrian Christian women, unfairly or not, have a reputation for showing off God’s blessings. Tight pants and revealing shirts drive men of all faiths wild. In Syria, both Christian and Muslim men thank Jesus for the invention of skinny jeans.


what a dickhead


Hmm, wonder if a load more will come out now? Grim.

(When it started I felt Mad Men had a little too much love for an era of gross sexism. Much like Sopranos, there’s a lot to feel weird about when your entertainment is watching a recent more grossly sexist version of current society - sort of ‘sexism porn’?. I probably wouldn’t have stuck with it but for my wife and friends enjoying it a lot and I got to really love it. Reading that has reminded me of my initial issues with it.)


Yeah I think eric just means let’s use another thread to abuse Vice for issues and save this for the topic at hand.



Thank you for posting this DB