Harvey Weinstein sexual harrassment claims


Reckon we could just shoot the pig and be done with it?


I genuinely wonder if this behaviour is so rife that (usually) white people in positions of power don’t actually recognise it as doing anything wrong. Just regard as a perk of the job or something.


This definitely applies to the dirt that came out about the Radio 1 DJs etc in the 70s.


That’s maybe a little harsh, not excusing his accused shitty behaviour but dude clearly has mental health issues regardless of whether he has the money and power to land relatively safely. He is lucky and privileged, yes, that much is clear but mental health effects everyone and when people say “they’re just using it as an excuse” it only makes them feel worse and less likely to get help.


Fair point. I am absolutely not disparaging mental health problems. Weinstein may genuinely suffer from sex addiction but I don’t believe every celeb who has claimed to in the past has been.


Why has he not been arrested?


Yeah maybe, none of us know exactly, which is a problem but it’s also their personal lives/health. They should be punished for crime/assault no doubt but based on that quote @_Em put up (if true) heavily suggests he in particular seriously needs therapy too


While this is true…a sex addict can still recognise consent…so what he did is still illegall…so he’s still a cunt.

An alcoholic can’t just steal a bottle of vodka and get off charges by saying “but I’m an alcoholic”



I would assume that is to do with a lack of victims having gone to the police currently. Could be wrong, but that would be he most obvious, that these are crimes hey won’t actually investigate until they have accusers/victims unlike murder or whatever.


As I said in next post, he should still be punished.



plus a lot of the survivors & witnesses of his abuse are tied by legal contracts of either settlement/non-disclosure or are employees tied by confidentiality agreements

plus just basic fear that their careers will be over if they speak out - even now - and/or the grief they’ll receive/intrusion into their private lives/mangling by Weinstein lawyers etc …or simply that they wont be believed

like any other case of confronting the structure of power as an individual who is made by that abuse & power to feel shame & guilt at what’s happened


I think this probably is the reason, however imagine the same sort of stories were flying around in this volume about women being attacked by a homeless man in a park, and the homeless man had put out a statement saying " yeah it was me, sorry".


Think how many allegations have been laid at the doors of Cosby and Trump. They don’t even get convicted, let alone go to gaol.


listening to the interviews with some of the people he assaulted and someone who was an intern in the 90s and one of my thoughts was that I am surprised he didn’t kill anyone. several had to run into hotel bathrooms and lock themselves in. the intern said there was one incident where he was throwing objects around and smashing things and she thought she was being shot at. one of them said saying this on tv now she still feels like he’s going to kill her.

obviously a huge factor in this is that the young women aspiring to work in Hollywood had their career prospects brought into question but I feel like the actual fear of being killed that the victims might have in those situations is kinda being ignored. ‘sexual harassment’ no doubt describes a lot of the situations and that’s the experience of it. but we know he’s a serial rapist.

there are probably others who are now preparing the careful management of any revelations about them. think the opportunity should be used to go after all of them and the money that protects them.


Thought this statement by Gretchen Mol yesterday was an interesting & important perspective in all of this too as rumours exist and the idea still persists that many were willing participants in offering sexual favours for advancement


There’s a great book all about his rise to fame/power, called Down and Dirty Pictures: Miramax, Sundance, and the Rise of Independent Film, by Peter Biskind. Not exactly a short read but putting aside the fact that Weinstein is human sewage, it gives a very interesting and detailed account of exactly how he got to where he is.

Basically, he was very, very good at spotting cheaply made films that he could buy, edit, and turn into Oscar fodder, and that made him rich enough to start making the films himself. He is singularly repsonsible for the careers of Billy Bob Thornton, Quentin Tarantino, Gwynth Paltrow, Damon and Affleck and a host of others. Hence the complete silence.


spoilering the link for trigger warning purposes because it’s fucking horrible.

ambra battilana gutierrez (who accused him of groping her) reported him to nypd and then wore a wire when she saw him the next day and the audio has surfaced:


I saw as well in another article that he made it disappear by using his press contacts to dig up/fabricate a barrage of humiliating news stories about the woman until she was unwilling to testify/stay in the US.



the whole thing is just making me despair completely. one of worst aspects of it is the thought that this is just the tip of the iceberg and there are so, so many people who have been complicit in this, either knowing about it and keeping quiet or just by enabling the continuation of a culture that allows things like this to happen