Harvey Weinstein sexual harrassment claims


At least there are probably a load of other abusive people in positions of power absolutely shitting themselves right now.


i’d like to think so but i just don’t believe it. i mean, one of them was exposed and still got elected president a month later.



fucking hell.


fuck is wrong with people


standard procedure now isn’t it? say something completely awful for attention, apologise later.


I’m not sure whether it being in the Tablet (a specifically Jewish magazine), and it being written by Oppenheimer (a Jewish author) makes this weirder or not.


Ah - ok, understood. There’s more than one Tablet magazine.


Yeah, there’s a UK-based Catholic one:



Yeah - that’s the one I’ve seen kicking around at the inlaws (they’re CofE though)


It’s not that one:



Ben Affleck has condemned Weinstein, but then had to apologise for groping a teenager. Also was very handsy with another reporter and has not condemned his brother’s actions.

Wouldn’t mind ridding Hollywood of these people root and branch.


The rumours were referenced in the show 30 Rock and at an awards ceremony :confused:




30 Rock touched on Cosby before it became widely known too:


yeah this sort of things just makes them feel even more invincible and just confirms that they act with near impunity

fuck off the lot of them


i don’t think any charges have been brought against him yet have they? obviously a lot of new people have come forward so presumably they’re building up to that.


i mean my questions are rhetorical but also incredulous, fuck you america for throwing people in jail for life for a bit of hash but letting this guy run a whole city for 25+ years.


in one of the links someone posted, nypd basically dropped their investigation cause he threatened to get political/high level law enforcement against them.



oh this one?