Harvey Weinstein sexual harrassment claims



Yeah Tina Fey has done lots of pretty problematic stuff. All of these allusions just add to the clubby, nudge-nudge, we’re all friends here mentality of it all.


tbf it was a comedian doing cosby jokes that brought all that shit to light in the first place


I dont think she was writing that to be pally


what was the point of it?

it completely trivialises what he has done and continued to do after she wrote it. it suggests that a short reference to him in a tv show is an appropriate way to hold him to account. and if she wasn’t trying to hold him to account or to bring an end to his behaviour then what was the point of it?

clearly he knew his behaviour was an open secret. others highlighting his behaviour in any context that wasn’t condemnatory only added to the sense that he could carry on with impunity.

if everyone already knows about it and is doing nothing then why the fuck would one of his victims be willing to go on the record with concrete accusations?


Cara Delevingne has written about Weinstein’s treatment of her (cw: as with all of the other reports, it’s horrible he’s been getting away with): https://www.instagram.com/p/BaHc485FRVx/


This…I… : /


What are we saying then with Affleck? More and more claims seem to be coming out. Game over potentially.


I think he tried to be all belatedly like “nooo sexism is bad” then a video came out of him acting like a twat to a female reporter 10 years ago. Or summat.


The NDAs thing is kind of unsettling isn’t it? I realise they’re used by companies to keep things quiet, but do they essentially block crimes from being reported?

(It’s very possible that I don’t really understand them)


no they don’t.


Okay, well that’s something then.


Yeah, there seems to have been a few come out this morning. A fashion designer I think. Those vids that have resurfaced on Youtube too are more difficult to watch than Gigli. Ironic that it should be him that bites it given his brother seems like a prized plonker


They don’t override the law but they do 100% contribute to a culture of secrecy that protects institutions/people in power and discourage whistleblowers


…and in the case of NDA’s as part of out of Court settlements it’s obviously much more complex depending on the terms of the settlement & the nature of the alleged crime


I have seen this film. Twice.


When you think about it he’s the real victim and the real bad guys are those Hollywood liberals



I know it’s the Mail but even so, IMAGINE actually framing it so that ‘wife leaves serial rapist/assaulter/philanderer husband because OBVIOUSLY’ becomes ‘wife deserts husband’ (let alone the rest of it) :no_mouth:


Is anyone else becoming a little uneasy with the way that certain broadsheets seem to be using this story as a way of putting large photos of attractive women on their front page?

(the Guardian seem to be pretty bad for this)


Not really different to what anyone else is saying, but this story is making me so angry and upset because I know of men who can use their influence in their respective fields to get away with this kind of behaviour.