Harvey Weinstein sexual harrassment claims


There are loads of stories and rumors of sexual harassment and rape in Hollywood going back to the birth of the industry. Howard Hughes and the sex contracts he made starlets sign, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby beating up young actresses for fun, Polanski, Woody Allan…just an endless list. I don’t think this will change anything really, it’ll just give a load of preening narcissists the opportunity to make a huge public display of their progressive credentials before things blow over and go back to “normal”.


Love this quote from Spike Lee about Weinstein (pre-NYT article):

“There’s a saying, ‘God don’t like ugly!’ The fucked-up shit he’s done over his career, that’s just gonna come 'round and bite him. He’s a lying cocksucker! A fat bastard. A fat rat bastard!”


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“He doesn’t understand this — as he doesn’t really understand his ex-girlfriend’s harassment, and never really will — because unlike me, he has nothing to lose. He’s much older than me, he has a career; a career so much less precarious than mine that he often considers just jacking it all in for a bit. He can do this because he has things I don’t yet have: a reputation, a name, money, experience. Yet somehow, with all of this, he thinks that by failing to stick it to the establishment I’m also failing as a feminist and as a woman. He doesn’t realise that despite his posturing and his endless mentions of female friends and how badly they’d been wronged by men, he has much more in common with my harasser than he does with the harassed.”


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Whats the Bing Crosby thing?


Emma Thompson’s Newsnight interview is definitely worth a watch:


Looks like this is already having wider implications


man remember when the BBC was actually kinda under threat after everything came out post-Savile, wonder if this will grow to that


I can only imagine the levels of abuse that many male producers have propagated over the years. Especially since the Studio system died, there had to be a new method of this come up as the entire industry is entirely built on male exploitation of female actors, which isn’t an open secret - it’s widely known.


“Casting couch” is a term that has existed for as long as the Hollywood sign (citation needed).


apparently White Christmas isn’t really about what you think it’s about


I think (and hope) that this is going to be much bigger than the BBC abuse story. The film industry must be absolutely rife with mini-Weinsteins, and I expect a huge amount of skeletons to emerge from people’s closets because of this. It’ll impact TV and probably other entertainment industries, and will hopefully give an opportunity to create a new model of operation and power than makes it harder for this type of thing to happen in future.


I feel like Colin Firth is one of the first (citation needed) men to accept culpability for having any part of this. And even so…not to condone “sitting idly by” when someone discloses trauma to you…it is still a human, vulnerable reaction to avoid taking it further. It feels like he at least recognises the part we all play in this, which is something we should all accept.

Not sure if I’ve explained myself properly here, I’m not trying to completely absolve Firth, but I think he is showing a lot more decency than 99% of other men involved. Perhaps most importantly, Sophie Dix appears to still remember and appreciate the support he gave.


No I understand what you’re saying here - sometimes when something is disclosed to you, it’s emotionally difficult or sometimes even impossible for some reason to respond in the way that I think we all hope we actually would do; whether that be simply because it’s hard doing the right thing and just expressing sympathy is easier, for self preservation or because of your own problems at the time.

He’s absolutely got it right in expressing shame and saying that he and others who didn’t act now have this on their conscience, which certainly compares much better with other statements I’ve seen so far - he is at least taking responsibility for his actions not being good enough 25 years ago.


Yeah, this the kind of sentiment I was trying to convey. I feel he’s accepting some culpability and responsibility, whereas others have been more “this is awful, we need to get rid of/stand up to all the men who are like this”.


The thing about Tim these days is that he’s widened his approach and is now giving us his takes on a broader range of subjects


Y’know - I thought when he was doing Conservative Home that he seemed to be one of those rare Tories with his heart largely in the right place. Since he quit that I’ve increasingly noticed evidence I was completely wrong.


That’s the problem - I think he is. He’s just remarkably unintelligent.


He does like to post tweets that result in ‘The Ratio’.



Sir David Amess MP (famous for Brass Eye’s Cake) thinks Weinstein is the real victim

What a dickhead