Has a move away from instant coffee ended a previous regularity of toilet routines?


I would say yes, Kent, it has.


I’m going to need some sample groups

  • i drink instant
  • i drink them capsules
  • i drink filter/caffetiere
  • i am a tiny little baby, pass me my bottle please

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My movements have been as regular as ever since my move to enjoying a Caffe Toné every morning.


i poop

  • regular as clockwork
  • relatively on time daily
  • hardly ever at the same time
  • never at the same time

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is that a filter coffee Ant? thank you for helping with my research




  • less than once a day
  • once a day
  • twice a day
  • thrice a day
  • cricket score

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thank you - i’d forgotten which you’d settled on as your coffee of choice


i really miss @meowington i feel like she’d be all over this thread. x


I tend to at least try to do a poo any time I go for a wee. I would quantify this in terms of percentage of wees that result in poos as opposed to amount of poos per day.


woah. you’re either peeing not much or shitting a lot


sorry, should have had this option in the poll really


Two if I’m lucky.


No no, it’s just my system really.


I pee a lot


My first priority every morning is getting my coffee in me, to facilitate the doing of the pooping.


i knew you’d be absolutely ace for this


I usually have a second follow-up poo (mini poo) shortly before leaving the house.


Where’s espresso?


's basically a VERY powerful filter