Has a piece of pop culture ever made you feel physically ill?

Inspired by (that is, stolen from) The AV Club:

Anything qualifies - TV shows, films, songs, paintings, video games, theatre…

…but NOT YouTube videos (because I don’t want to see that frog thing again).

For me it was a Gordon Ramsey thing from years ago. He was in Greece, and he caught and killed an octopus in the “traditional” way - by pulling it out of the water with his hands and biting hard into its head. It was HORRIBLE - I’m averse to octopus at the best of times, but this one was flailing around and screaming, and black blood was oozing down Gordon’s wanker chin.

Don’t think so, no.

When I tried to eat the unspooled tape from a ‘friends’ VHS


Chuck Palahniuk - Guts


I can be really squeamish, like I near fainted when they dissected a wee mouse in school and have had several episodes like that with TV programs etc but I’m not sure that pop culture has.

I think TV programs count? Somebody lists an episode of Hoarders in the original piece.

ooo I read that Guts story too - it was in a saturday/ sunday newspaper magazine I think

didn’t make me sick though

For me it’s films with wobbly hand held camera in the cinema - I normally like to sit front row, or at least close to the front - but anything with wobbly handheld (I’m looking at you Lars Von Trier and and associated Dogme 95 people) and I start feeling queasy and need to move right back

The jackass vomelette came close


don’t think this counts but I literally vomited when my little brother showed me 2 girls 1 cup.

Not ill to the point of vomitting or anything, but physically uncomfortable, sure - anything that triggers tripophobia generally, the other week there were pictures of glitches from some baseball game doing the rounds that made me itch and feel kind of dizzy, I’m obviously not going to go looking for them now though.

I was just thinking “how can baseball trigger tripophobia?”

so I googled tripophobia baseball - wish I hadn’t now

Sorry about that.

From memory it was something to do with how it rendered hair and it turned the player into some terrifying monster, but I’m going to stop talking about because I’m itching just thinking about it.

2 brothers 1 toilet

Just did the same :no_mouth:

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Any self harm scenes

Live octopus eating in Oldboy

I have managed to avoid seeing any of those 2 people 1 thing videos for the entire life of the internet

Hope to maintain that until the day I die

(I will be ignoring any links sent to me via DM)

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Oh also I’m very squeemish about plastic surgery type operations on TV - for a while there they seemed to feature quite heavily.

Not for me

I don’t mind horror film, faje gore though

Portishead trigger my triphophobia


Me too, but luckily this stuff doesn’t ick me out.


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