Has any advert put you off buying a product


Cause them Haribo adverts are making me come xlose


No. But I’ve only just noticed the lack of adverts on here! @sean is this a permanent thing or just til the beta testing is over?


all of them


I’m going to need to have something to support the running costs. Obviously, you could all set up regular PayPal donations?! Waiting for 2 months to figure out exactly what the forums will cost to run. I’d rather keep them ad-free and maybe have ‘sponsored threads’ or something clever that isn’t ad-blocked.


I’d seriously consider it, Sean. No idea how much this thing costs but if it was a few quid a month each then it might not be such a bad price to pay for zero ads


Can’t think of any right now, but there are a few adverts that have made me swear never to buy the product they’re selling.



Don’t worry if you get cancer cause we’ll sort it you rich wank.

Ugh, so crass and exploitative.


Haribo - can fuck off forever


Just eat - nope, you can fuck off too


what Silky said. adverts make me not want to buy atuff.