Has anybody ever had a conversation with a billionaire?

No directions, abuse or administrative talk. Just a friendly conversation , preferably longer than 3 minutes.


The founder and CEO of the company I work for. Was awkward because I suck at small talk, but otherwise very pleasant.

Don’t think so. I had a conversation with a CEO of a big pharma company and I believe he had an awful lot of money, but I don’t think it was a billion.

millionaires yes, billionaires, no

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No, just a handful of millionaires.

No. It would just encourage them.

Millionaires a fair bit, some live down here and in the summer there’s loads of rich people. A man I know and talk to regularly at work was the head of the FSA and a director of some massive bank so it’s possible but I don’t think he’s a billionaire.

Genuinely haven’t heard who most of these folks are (pal)

Knew this geezer when I was growing up, stayed at his house and stuff.

Actually I went to a formal dinner at my college once because they had four people in the Times Top 100 influential people in industry list, and they’d invited those four people to come. Spoke to them all and I’d imagine one of them must’ve been a billionaire. Hang on while I see if I can find the list.

Ever piss in his garden?

Probably not but his nephews or something (probably about 16 at the times) wanted to take me (ten maybe) to watch mud wrestling. My parents respectfully declined.

Mutual Facebook friends with a billionaire because someone I used to work with dated him for a bit. Seemed fairly dreadful tbh, mostly just posted pictures of fast cars and land he was going to buy.

Am currently within 20 feet of 2 millionaires. One is my boss, spoken to him about all sorts of stuff. The other is his boss, mostly just talk to him about his dogs.

Looked at the first on the list… so this is the cycling thread now huh?

Oh hang on, does the Queen count? I’ve spoken to her.

I think she’s got people to do that for her.

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He clearly was anything but a billionaire, if his wiki page is accurate.

Billionaires? No. People who control billion-pound investments and budgets? Yes.

I’ve spoken to millionaires a lot of times - I play hockey, so it’s almost inevitable.

Hello Balonz

I’ve seen Philip Green’s yacht, from a distance.