Has anybody ever had a conversation with a billionaire?

Personal wealth = $530 million


Looks like aboynamedgoo is one of them.


Maybe not recently but I knew him a long time ago. He owned Mongoose at the time and gave me a BMX.


I’m ok thanks Balonz. I enjoyed my weekend of watching sport and also The Matrix and then The Matrix Reloaded.

Yeah I enjoyed some sport but it is tough watching a super stressful sporting situation that you are heavily invested in with a young family. Let me fucking concentrate!

I have seen the Matrix films.

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I can well imagine! (This works as an answer to both components of your post)

If by "billionaire’ you mean ‘lollipop man’ then no I haven’t.

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I was his babysitter


I’ve spoken to Jay-Z. He may not quite have been a billionaire at the time but I guess he is now.

man DiS why do you have to make a thread like this

Some of us are impressed by the mindless hoarding of wealth!

I was doing so well and this has sent me off the deep end

le millionoui

A few pharma billionaires. If you’re a member of the family the company is named, and on the board then you’re likely to be a billionaire. Some big strategy meetings where the small talk revolves around football/sport/non-political current affairs like royal babies/weddings etc


I reckon somebody probably has yeah