Has anybody here ever had to interact with a Tory MP at work?

what’s the correct protocol?

No eye contact
No talking to them


Briefly worked with the son of one the absolute worst ones. He too was a complete cock.

I worked at a sub-branch of DWP for a time while it was under Iain Duncan Smith’s stewardship. The correct protocol was to mutter ‘cunt’ under your breath when he was just on the verge of being out of earshot :+1:


Don’t spill your coffee on their red trousers

It what capacity is your interaction?

Ken Clarke visited my work, but I didn’t interact with him.

No bright light. Don’t get them wet. Never feed them after midnight


Worked with a guy who ran as Conservative candidate somewhere up north. When the May Day march went past our office I took a leaflet and put it on the kitchen noticeboard and he went on a right rant.

Fill a large glass with pepsi. Ask them to hold it for you for a second. Open your pre-filled box of wasps. Leave.


This depends on how important the income from your job is.

Greet them and direct them where to go.
I thought I’d put my index finger up to them and stop them from speaking, call the correct person and leave it at that.

Remember when we had active tories on these boards. multiples. Weird times MAN.

Yeah don’t tell the police or ban me but I’m pro beating up tories. Need a job though.

MPs like to visit construction sites for hospitals, railway stations, schools, that kind of thing.

I have had to politely shake hands and nod to a few Tory MPs, and even one secretary of state, when he was cutting the ribbon of a building that he’d inherited in a near-complete state, and only a few weeks after he’d canned a whole school-building programme that resulted in the redundancy of a dozen of my colleagues.

Should have done the trump shake.

I should also say that when they do make these visits to schools, hospitals and stations, the staff who work there on a day to day basis are kept well away, in case they let their real feelings be known.

Only management and the most docile staff are allowed anywhere within shouting distance.

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Friend of mine worked with DR, said he never used to read anything beforehand and constantly forgot what had been previously agreed at meetings. Not a very popular guy.

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Yep. Smile and nod.

My mum was in a meeting with will quince (toriest name) on youth homelessness in Colchester and he spent the entire time messaging a tory backbench brexit WhatsApp

I’m trying to work out DR and failing.