Has anyone been watching Series 2 of The Responder?

It’s absolutely hilarious.

Quite liked the first series, but in this one they’ve just chucked every famous Northern telly actor in at about five minute intervals.

Do think the two younger actors (the drug dealers) are exceptional, and it was nice to see the great Bernard Hill in his final role, but it’s truly bobbins otherwise. Martin Freeman should be locked up for his attempt at a scouse accent.

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I’ll give it a chance. Thought Series 1 was good, although I’ve always wondered whether Stephen Graham turned down the main role.

Watching (fictional) people make poor life decisions is basically comfort viewing for me, so I broke my self-imposed ‘no cop shows’ rule to watch this.

Martin Freeman’s always fun as someone in perma-crisis (see Fargo) and, like you say, some of the supporting cast are legitimately ace. But I thought this series was a bit baggier than the first one: several times characters did something for no real reason other than to advance the plot.

Mostly quite daft stuff, but enough of a ride to carry me along with it. Would still rather watch another series of this than bother with the likes of Line Of Duty again.

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Have never watched Line of Duty but it’s on my iPlayer list…should I not bother with it?

The earlier series are decent enough, but it started getting very convoluted and silly the longer it went on. So don’t feel you have to see it all the way through.

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Series 2 is excellent, 1 and 3 are pretty good as far as i remember, falls over after that I think (watchable but increasing silly)

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I’m watching responder right now
Thought yeh first series was good!
15 minutes into thiamine now - not as good so far

I remember it being a water cooler series at work…colleagues discussing how good the final season was. And it’s got Stephen Graham in it so my interest was automatically piqued, but thanks…I’ll watch it and bail out if it gets too nonsensical!

Jeff was in it

Yeah he’s good in it! I think it might have been a bit of a victim of its own success a bit, there are some plot threads that go on waaaay longer than they should do and get silly / tired, and they kindof try to recreate some of the good stuff from earlier series later on, and it just doesn’t land as well the second or third time around.

But when it’s good it’s really good! IMO
(Also might have dated a bit dunno)

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Tim Canterbury

The Canterbury Tales



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The guy who wrote Line of Duty made a much superior series a few years before called Bodies, hospital based, deals with malpractice and all that. Got Neve McIntosh, Keith Allen, Max Bradley and Neil from The Office in. The first two series in particular are very brilliant.


Started watching the first series off the back of the publicity of the second and I’m enjoying it. Very well acted, and socially realistic and daft in equal measure.

Finding S2 is very anxiety inducing. Quite dream/nightmare-like in terms of ever more convoluted entanglements.

Yeah, Bodies is great - very squeamish viewing at times though. His background is in hospital medicine, and I think it comes through that it’s a world he knows well.

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was crying laughing at the one with sue johnston in just now

-its always so difficult…
-she should be in a home
-…difficult things happen to me and i dont know why
-she should be in a home
-im an artist, did she tell you that im an artist?
-oh not too tight, i have a condition

i think its good though, sorry


Thought S1 was legitimately brilliant, and enjoyed the second series as a bit of nonsensical entertainment, but it was definitely weaker. Had the feel of all the main characters running around doing their own thing without the central plot to tie it all together like the first series had. Loved Jeff’s two minute cameo.

Agreed that the two young actors are the standouts. I think Freeman’s scouse accent is quite good…