Has anyone ever been to St Andrews or lived there?

I’m going there soon. Is it any good?

Any decent pubs/stuff to do?

Prefer villa park


I believe Dr @Epimer used to be friends with Prince William there.


not been in about 10 years, lovely wee village with some good places to eat/drink. really quite posh and pricey though.

Nice place, but, yes, expensive. Can’t actually think of any great pubs - they’re either cocktail bars or old manny places.

The Byre Theatre is a good place to hang out and maybe see something.

I’ve been a few times for golf.

The Himalayas putting green is good fun, even if you are rubbish at golf like me.



Good for a day, possibly a weekend.

Yeah, avoid the ones that look posh and you’ll be fine.

hahahahahahaha oh my, no.


Actually this is unfair, there’s a pretty big Morrisons on the outskirts, up past the abattoir


If you are up there and have a car and want some decent fish n chips, head down the coast to Anstruther. The chippy next to the harbour has won numerous awards.

Could do without a pricey pint. I don’t even think there’s a Wetherspoons there!

Went to a wedding there once, it’s very pretty.

If the Crossed Keys is still open, that should be cheaper than the wanker places and is very central.


Did you have fish n chips?


actually, I can’t remember what we ate, so maybe I did.

tatler have photos from St. Andrews balls (heh) If I went back through the archives 20 years would I find pics of Epimer dancing on a table?

This. Also, Elie and the Ship Inn. Very good.

How very dare you

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I only went to my graduation ball and my girlfriend’s graduation ball, but if you look in the background at the posh expensive ones I might be there behind the bar.

that’s you pointing at something and slapping a patent on it


So is going to St Andrew’s Uni just like an extension of boarding school?