Has anyone ever bought you a really extravagant gift where it wasn't particularly appropriate



I was seeing this girl way back, when that was still a thing for me. I say seeing, it was a very loose arrangement.

anyway, this was in the weeks leading up to christmas. about a week before the BIG DAY, she rocks up to my place with a bag full of goodies.

she bought me a fucking le creuset stove-top kettle, some fucking unbelievable slippers and a voucher for House of Fraser. a 50 quid voucher. my word!

I totted these items up later and they came to a whopping £135.

all I had to give her was a card with some sweet words and a cuddle.

felt like shit, but she justified it by saying she was earning a lot of money, which I couldn’t help but agree with.

stuff like that?


Got my first proper girlfriend an expensive (for a 16 year old working a Saturday job only) bracelet for Christmas one year, got it at the beginning of December, she dumped me a week before Christmas, gave it to her anyway.



you’re a nice guy, man


my dad buys me and my siblings after shave/perfume every year and none of us wear it