Has anyone ever died of an earworm?



Because I’ve got that intro music from Mark Riley’s R6 evening show in my head.

The girl group that goes DOO-BE-DOO-BE-DOO-BE-DOOBY-DOOBY-DOO in my head

and I’m not sure I can take it any more.


the best thing to do is listen to it until it goes away


I don’t even know what it is. And I think he’s not on tonight if I was listening properly last night. And I think if I hear it now my ears will bleed.


Fingers crossed.

(please let me know if this is too mean and I will edit to no)


hey hey hey whatcha gonna listen to?


Sorry for hijacking this thread, but you’ve reminded me – what’s the version of Soul Bossa Nova that’s played at the beginning of someone’s 6music show? Might even be Lamacq. It’s punchier than the original, I like it.


Window is now closed, Leeds.



(Just play some other music to get rid of it.)


My mate caught the “ketchup song” for 3 days circa 2008.

He died.

lights candle



Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark,
[punk guitars ring out]

Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark,
[punk guitars continue]

Mark with your chips on radio six!
exeunt punk guitars