Has anyone ever had a dream that was an advert?


the other night instead of the usual story type scenario one of my dreams was an advert for a new model of rega record player.
can’t remember much about it, but know it had various “camera angles” and close ups of the record player, had a voiceover & music. the record player itself had a lot of features that aren’t on rega record players like there was a touch sensitive pad but can’t recall what it did

I don’t want a new record player, I haven’t been thinking about a new record player, I do have a rega


I had a Rega, I don’t anymore.

Never get married, kids.


I only got my rega after my second marriage
this is where you are going wrong.


I have a Rega, I got it for free from my grandparents’ house when I helped clear it out. I still don’t know why my grandad bought it, seeing as he owned about 10 records. (Mostly Shirley Bassey).