Has anyone ever just gone to an airport on the off chance of getting some sweet deal?


I’ve got a new passport now and feel like I might just fuck off somewhere for a week, is this even doable?


yes, I hear the best deals for flights are when you roll up on the day


Are you doing a bit? I know nothing of travel because it’s for wankers.


Nobody has ever done that.

Get yourself on cheaplastminuteholidays.com and see what’s cheap.


Welcome to the club


3 people have clicked this


Can you even book flights at the airport? I don’t know where you’d go to do that.


And not I! Bloody lurkers.


It’s been easily ten years since I’ve been in one


you use their wifi


No-one has ever actually done this - it’s only a thing on TV and films.


6 now



oh i thought you meant like a sweet deal on sunglasses. in which case you should totally that. get through security. buy sunglasses, leave airport


it has never occurred to me to even think of doing this


the important thing is that I definitely wasn’t one of them


It’s probably all done on the quiet now. Just sidle up to someone (anyone in the airport), and mutter “got any cheap flights?” while not making it look like you’re talking to them. If they’ve got some you’ll probably have to go round the back where the bins are to exchange the cash for tickets.


I just clicked on the number assuming it would show me who the gullible chumps were in the same way you can find out who liked a post and became number 7 :cry:


Absolutely no chance of a discount.


wish I’d thought of saying that