Has anyone ever seen a pigeon this colour before?


I saw these 2 yesterday. I’ve honestly not seen pigeons this colour before. Craziness.


They are temporarily invincible


Where was this?

They don’t look well


Tweet the rspb, they’re quite helpful with this sort of thing. Identified the female pheasant I saw flapping about my house once (which was apparently very rare for London)


Shoreditch high st, yesterday.


That’s a good idea, thanks will do.


Look like they’ve got at a big bag of turmeric or something


They’ve just been splashed by a muddy puddle.


No I don’t think so. I saw them for quite some time so had a good look. They definitely had a gold coloured plumage.




Aah, gotcha!


Yes, once


Does that mean just now or before?


Brown pigeons aren’t that rare


ahh, diseased north london pigeons mate.


Just imagining 2 blokes watching me take the photo, and one saying to the other “look at the bloke over there, losing his shit with that brown pigeon.”


I watched seagulls have sex on a set of train tracks once
It wasn’t great


Ha ha!


I saw a pigeon get hit by a train before. Was like a bomb of feathers going off.


Been eating leftover Ready Brek, I reckon.