Has anyone ever used Seatwave, Viagogo etc etc?


Some knob on Gumtree is asking for £70 each for £29.50 Autchere tickets. I asked him why the price and he said “its cheaper than Seatwave”

I’m guessing this is a thing now…people using these sites as a benchmark to charge tout prices for tickets…?


Yeah, sold some tickets on stubhub last year. Think I sold them for £35 a pop (which got me my £30 back after their charges), next cheapest on there were £80. Touts are cunts


Be careful with Seatwave. I don’t know if it’s changed at all but I didn’t read the T&Cs when I advertised tickets via this site a couple of years ago. Put some tix up for sale on there, then sold them a short while later to a mate who wanted them instead and didn’t think anything of it. Someone popped up a couple of weeks later and ‘bought’ the ones I’d advertised and then I found out it’s not like Gumtree and you can’t go “nah they’re gone sorry”! You’re obliged then to provide tickets to the buyer at the price stated (which I put as face value + postage), so I had to buy another set of tickets (for a much inflated price) to sell back to the buyer on there. I’d never buy off there now.


that sounds mental, why didn’t you just message the buyer and explain and then close/cancel your account with them?


Have bought and sold on these before. They’re quite cheeky in that they charge premium fees on both the buyer and the seller, so to make your money back you have to whack the price of your ticket up a fair bit.

At the same time having a guarantee is reassuring. Quite good for buying tickets for large events which haven’t sold out as the price is often below face value.


At the risk of sounding like sour grapes, the whole thing stinks.


I have a spare (only one) Autechre ticket for the RFH… can’t go now and am seeing them in Brighton anyway, so if you want it let me know. Quite far back in the stalls




Should have done that really, but I had images of being dragged into small claims court or suchlike, so just coughed up. Had I read the T&Cs properly I’d have run a mile and I bet I’m not the only person to get suckered by it. I’d sooner deal with one of the shifty looking blokes who hang around outside the venue than ever use them again for anything.


I sold sone tickets I couldn’t use on Seatwave a few years back, earning just under face value by including their fee in the sale. Seatwave got to hold onto the cash for weeks, the buyer got the tickets and I had to wait until a week after the gig for the cash. All in the T&Cs, I’m sure, but not great.

Never used again and regretted using at all. Facilitating and legitimising greedy touting…

Where did ScarletMist go?


Legal touting ffs.

Should all be shut down.

Someone needs to really push a no profit ticket exchange for punters…


I’ve only used Stubhub/Seatwave ? once. Got a ticket for Meshuggha at the Roundhouse for £10 cheaper than face value and with no additional charges. Had to pick up the ticket from some office in Liverpool Street though.


Scarlet Mist went down for a short time - the wife of the guy who ran it was very ill, so he stepped away from it - but it’s running again now under new hands but the same approach. I’ve bought and sold loads on there, and never had a problem.


Good to know - thanks.

Bought and sold via ScarletMist and ended up becoming friends with someone who bought my mate’s ticket and sat next to me.

Should have Googled first there!


Seatwave/Viagogo are all rip-off sites in most cases. I’ve even read that official ticket outlets now post them on these kind of sites, before ever putting them on general sale! The whole thing is corrupt.
The Twickets site is a great idea, where people can only sell at face-value or less. Only problem is, most people wouldn’t dream of using it as they are looking for clear profit - https://www.twickets.co.uk


Yeah i once got a leeds fedt ticket on viagogo for like 50 quid cheaper than rrp. No idea how


always find it mad what they get away with, and that Ticketmaster are allowed to facilitate touting via Seatwave. the face value ones like Scarlet Mist and Twickets are good but can seem a bit underused by comparison cos they obviously don’t have the same advertising budget - in my limited experience it seems a little bit harder to find things on there. you end up having to trawl Twitter for tickets which is a massive ballache.

there’s a really good face value one in Ireland called Toutless. it uses a forum model rather than just listings so it’s really easy to use and interact and there’s usually lots of people on there. it’s a good system that it’d be nice to see replicated elsewhere.


There’s a debate about touting in Westminster at 10:30am today if anyone wants to watch it. Some MPs on Victoria Derbyshire soon too.


Interesting read on how the current ticketing situation works - http://www.musictank.co.uk/blog/secondary-ticketing-days-in-the-life-of-2-tickets-traded-by-a-stubhub-validated-ticket-seller/#BwziS22zzFtoPXSJ.99