Has anyone got a good flapjack recipe?

Need a decent flapjack.

We made flapjacks at school once as a class. It turned out an entire jar we’d assumed was caster sugar was actually salt. They were not tasty.

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1x Jack
1x giant spatchular

We must have a jack on these boards somewhere

Wish I’d been taught more about nutrition growing up.

Back in uni, I’d have a flapjack as a “healthy snack”.


Top tip: replace the salt in the recipe with sugar


@Avery makes really good flapjacks

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Dr Mrs Epimer made me a batch of ridiculously syrupy flapjacks as brain fuel to eat during some stupid 5-6 hour exams I had to take for work. Stress ate a box of them in the first half hour of the first paper and felt really sick for the remaining five and a half hours. Still passed though, so

By which I mean no.

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I hope this thread is helpful @Iceblink :grinning:

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my mum’s is great cheers

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I loved those rectangular off-license flapjacks, always come in about 100 flavours, all of them filth, all great.


Still buy these when hungover

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I feel like I’ve been on these boards long enough that I should have known this thread wouldn’t contain a single flapjack recipe. And yet I clicked on regardless…


maybe do some interesting things with fruit and then mix that in

like make a syrupy compote thing with blackberries and spices, some crystallised ginger, and mix it in with the oats and etc

idk, flapjacks are simple, difficult to get wrong I would have thought, and easy to be creative with?

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Mrs CCB says she uses this one



Bet those are ace

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You can tell which recipes are winners by how grubby the cookbook is on those pages!


My copy falls open to a few favorites too.

Great book - recipes just seem to work

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Fun Facts With Chanticleer!!

There is a published flapjacks recipe under my name. Yet I have never once cooked a flapjack.