Has anyone got a halogen oven?

I’ve just bought one. What is it really good at doing? Any favourite recipes? Talk to me about your halogen ovens.

(This may be a very short thread).

No mate


They’re baller at cooking pizzas

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dunno what this is


Halogen? Have i heck!

I thought it was one of those pretend ovens that toddlers get.

Na BrO


They sound a lot more grand than they are,eh?

No but ive got a errr volatile metals zinc group hoover


I keep looking at this thread on the off chance someone explains what this is.

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Thank you.

Is that homemade or supermarket pizzas? Do you use a tray or mesh rack? I’ve heard that it can be hard to get the pizza base to crisp up in a halogen.

This is the halogen oven that I bought.


I’m going to be honest, that wasn’t what I was expecting.


Both, supermarket pizzas finish super fast and always come out better than any other oven Ive tried… takes like 6 mins for gooey crispy perfectioN!

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Excellent! I’d be lying by if I said that wasn’t one of the reasons I bought it.

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Great stuff. I’m forward to using it.


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Was going to stick foil at the bottom each time, but that’s good to know.

Isn’t this where the @anon29812515 science oven came from?

We used to have one and it was really good when our real oven broke.

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