has anyone had a better drum sound than Spoon?

Love Janet’s drum sound on The Hot Rock

Also love Big Paul’s proper booming drums on Killing Joke


Went in just for Ga x5 and came out £90 poorer :grimacing:


Resident bargain sections can be pretty dangerous like that.

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Oooo ta

My Girls Can Tell CD died this week so perfect timing

Edit - ending up getting KTM / transference and Telephono too, think that’s all the spoons on vinyl now


when all you need is a knife


Came here to post Feiticeira. Drum sound on White Pony is second to none tbh.

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just listen to Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga


the drum sound on this album is fucking incredible - punchy, melodic, dynamic

absolutely fucking wonderful stuff

they released a best-of in 2019 which is quite good and short and accessible (unfortunately doesn’t anything from the first two albums which are the best imo, fight me)

I think it’s the sign of a great band when your favourite record changes all of the time. At various points over the last few years my favourite has been any from the run of kill the moonlight up to and including they want my soul.

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Factory Floor’s output is all incredible isn’t it? Remember seeing them support both Liars and Caribou just prior to their first album coming out and their songs were crushingly loud but so mesmerising too. Mentioned them recently in another thread but I really hope that they’re working on something new.


funny that my favourites are all of the ones outside of that run!

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To be honest I like all of their records to some degree. I just have a soft spot when spoon go a bit more pop. At the moment I reckon my favourite is Gimme fiction.

Having said that, transference is in that run and that’s probably the most experimental record. :man_shrugging:

Series of Sneaks is brilliant, could be my favourite of theirs. But then so could GaGa, Gimme Fiction and TWMS. Would be good hear them go back to that less produced sound after TWMS and Hot Thoughts (though the production on those two is great and integral to the songs e.g. Inside Out).

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Sneaks, Telephono and Hot Thoughts all lead the way for me

there’s still a couple i haven’t heard in full and just know the singles from tbf

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If They Want My Soul is one of them I’d recommend giving that a few spins. I think it’s probably their most coherent album, mixes pretty slick production with a bit of their earlier spike, and just a really strong set of songs.

i have heard that one, it’s decent but not an absolute favourite for me. i think Kill the Moonlight, Gimme Fiction and Transference are the ones i’ve only heard bits of

Gimme Fiction is top tier Spoon, personally I’m not so hot on the other two.

I remember bringing a load of people who were on mushrooms to see them at a festival years ago. The looks on their faces every time the beat shifted! That first LP was a staple of every house party I went to for the year after it came out.