Has anyone in the history of mankind...

Ever replied to several posts at once?

Or even considered it? Apart from now when I just said it.

tough crowd

ok then

  • I have replied to more than one post at once.
  • I have considered it
  • I have neither done it nor considered it

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It’s a shit thread tbf

I don’t think I’ve replied to more than two posts at once though.

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i’ve considered it but by that point it’s usually too late

Oh wait I did it here

Two should be the max

“When in doubt, start a new thread” - That’s what I say

oh is that all it is? I haven’t actually read what it is.

yeah I’ve done that loads.

Thing is, if you put too much information in a post, you’re less likely to get a like.

Allow me to demonstrate.

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My favourite bands / artists are Tool and Miley Cyrus


My favourite band is Tool

My favourite artist is Miley Cyrus

Didn’t know she could paint ahahahHa


With my reply with multiple opinions, only the middle group will like it

But with the other two badboys you’ve got two whole circles of likes the reap


There’s something weirdly Pavlovian in people ‘liking’ a post they’re tagged in.

Isn’t that right, @andybenge @ghost_horse @Nina_Keen @PeterTamos @Monkeys1983 @126666 @ClamingToBeOnTele @theawsome12 @Zoog @springfling?


I think this is why @1101010 tags people in posts so much

It’s kind of … “oooh I got a notification… oh it’s some cunt making a crack about me being old, better show I have a sense of humour about it… cba to reply… [like]”


people on this website aren’t very efficient in their posting imo


Artists should just refer to painters and sculptors (maybe) and not musicians.

  • Sure
  • No?!
  • Not really sure where you are going with this Dave, just feels like a half-hearted attempt to manufacture beeves.

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I ag

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