Has anyone listened to the new Slowthai then?

It came up on my Spotify there, saw the second track is called ‘CANCELLED’, which is stupid as iirc he apologized for his arsehole behaviour at that awards ceremony and he’s signed to interscope.



I think that track is about GLOW to be fair


He’s really upset about Brooklyn 99 got canned actually

It’s a tribute to Manchester City and Portugal’s Joao Cancelo

Listened to it a few times. It’s OK. The opening 7 songs are very trap which isn’t what I enjoy. The closing 7 are more interesting. I liked his debut album for what it was but I’m not sure this will stick with me very long.

Before all that furore I really liked him - in fact cheers to whoever posted “Doorman” here at Christmas 2018 and introduced me to him, he seemed like the new Mike Skinner but a million times more exciting and intense. Dunno now .

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The first side is alright but some of the ideas seem half-baked, and almost every track is too short/only has one verse from himself

The 2nd half is much better though, particularly i tried and feel away. Feel like the last 7 songs are a nice progression from the first album.

Didn’t like it as much as the last one. The second half was pretty boring and lyrically as a whole it’s not as interesting.

Only listened once so far though so maybe its a grower.


Getting a lot of targeted ads for his show in Oxford this week. Surprised it hasn’t sold out, as it’s literally only a few hundred capacity max. We’re a long way from the Mercury nom in 2019

Seems like a very rapid fall from popularity. Maybe just one of those artists people really only want one album from.

Presuming the Katherine Ryan debacle stuck with him.

Feels like it’s maybe a mixture of the two? I feel like a more popular act probably wouldn’t have fallen off a cliff quite as much.

Edit: looks like his London show later his week has sold out so maybe it’s just an Oxford thing. If it was early 2019 I would defo be there, but Cancelled just killed all my enthusiam.

Can you buy one? This small tour he’s on sold out pretty much straight away so would be surprised.

Off to the Northampton show on Friday, more out of curiosity and it being a cheaper ticket, local to me.

the first album had some class moments

Oxford shows tend to sell like utter shit most of the time tbf

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Whenever I look at the o2 listings it’s 90% cover bands. Having said that… just seen Oh Sees are playing there in May so have booked tickets for that.

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Such a downfall that venue. Wish it was still like it used to be.

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