Has anyone on DiS ever been to

the Svalbard Global Seed Vault?


I wish.

A friend has for work, I don’t she posts here though but she is aware of DIS and that I means I can claim some connection to it.

  • no
  • something else

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no, i haven’t :frowning:

Is it a tourist attraction?

are you going there and looking for things to do?

Like Kew?

Yeah, its either the Seed Vault or going to one of those Escape Room places.

I went on a cruise with my parents to Svalbard a while back and they dropped us off in Ny Alesund for a whole day. We walked slowly around the entire town and it took us about an hour. We looked at every building so I’ve probably stood outside it

I’d go seed vault, I don’t fancy going somewhere you’re expected to get back out of as soon as you can.


Wait ignore me, it’s in Longyearbyen. We went there too though, try and get a kebab from the most northerly kebab van in the world if he’s not packed it in and moved yet

is this a protracted ‘i did yer ma’ joke?

Driven past it

Always been tempted to pop in but never bothered.

No but I have been here! Millennium Seed Bank Partnership - Wikipedia

Lovely gardens too. Well worth a visit if you get the chance. I believe they do a lit lantern walk in the summer.

Is this a new bistro in Hoxton?

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Theo Eats Seeds!