Has anyone on here ever been to an Atoll?

Tell me about it if so, or contribute otherwise if not

I’ve never been to one atoll!


Atolls for peace

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Tend to avoid Atoll by taking a less congested route


Waterworld - underrated.

no but I remember Dicko was scared of one.

I have, but it was atoll order

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Someone offered me a lift there once but I said I didn’t want to go Atoll

I’ve been close to one when I was in Rarotonga.

Yes. I’ve been to the Meemu atoll.

it was fucking incredible, I posted a photo the other day on the island thread…

Here is the full atoll:

was it atoll protected?


Gorgeous. Any (other) pics

Yep, the taxis are great:

The sunsets are incredible:

The lagoon is quite shallow:

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Amazing. How did you get there?

something very Ferris Bueller about the last photo

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Sri Lankan airlines fly a route: Heathrow -> Colombo (Sri Lanka) -> Malé (Maldives)

So we flew to Sri Lanka and spent 10 days there touring, and then hoped onto the flight to Malé, then back home via that touchdown in Sri Lanka.

Malé airport is awesome because it’s its own island and it’s half regular international airport, and half a seaplane airport with a water ‘runway’. and you see Malé city which is basically this densely populated tiny island. It’s actually quite sad because there’s tons of issues in Malé (health/poverty/crime etc) and the whole place is likely to disappear in 50 years or so, so they’re having to negotiate buying a new home/land from some other country with is mad.

(not my pic)

We directly transferred from Malé to our island via seaplane which is an amazing experience and if you go to the Maldives I recommend going to an island with a seaplane transfer rather than a boat transfer.

Here’s me being a double-thumbs-up prick at our departure gate…

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