Has anyone on here ever surrendered a tenancy?



In a bit of a tight spot as my current tenancy ends at the end of this month and the landlord is moving back into the flat. Got a viewing on a new flat tomorrow but as with anything it’s a minimum 6 month contract. Got a few job interviews in London over the next two weeks so might not want to stay put.

Basically, if I sign a 6 month tenancy agreement, how easy is it to get out of? Anyone been in that boat?


i guess would be easier if they were a private landlord and quite nice/forgiving? no chance through a letting agent.



Yes I did this at the end of last year. It cost me a shitload but I did get out of it.


How much are we talking? (in discreet terms, like 1 months rent? 2? 3?)


Well, firstly it was through a letting agent and they are cunts about it. First of all they checked with the landlord to see if he was happy to surrender the tenancy (which presumably he could have said no to). Then I paid a ‘surrender fee’ of 1 month’s rent + VAT…when I asked what that was they said it was for the costs of remarketing and all that sort of thing. Basically a load of shit but they see an opportunity to get some cash. Then I was responsible for any rent until they had re-let it. Got really close to my leaving date but they did manage to re-let in the end so I ended up only being responsible for about 2.5 weeks rent, but bear in mind that you’re paying rent on a new place by then.

tl;dr - I basically paid around 2 months rent for it once you add the VAT. Not all agents have a surrender fee so it’s important to check the terms of your contract I guess.


thanks for the advice


No worries - could be that I had a particularly bad letting agent so don’t let it totally put you off, but I’d definitely comb that bit of the contract really carefully. At the time I signed I didn’t really read it properly because I never thought I would be surrendering the tenancy in the circumstances.


not these guys


Really depends on the agency and landlord. The minimum tenancy length is 3 months. Ask a letting agent if they would offer such a contract


Depends on how much of a cunt the landlord wants to be about it. If they’re human then a phonecall explaining change of circumstances meaning you’re no longer able to stay put should lead to you being able to leave early and not be penalised too harshly. At the end of the day you’ve signed a contract so the landlord’s under no obligation to be nice about it but some are. It depends.


be easier just to busk it til you know your plans for the future no? put stuff in storage/stay with mates/in a hostel for a couple of weeks?