Has anyone seen discobot?


I keep calling but he won’t pick up.

@discobot quote


Did sean stop paying for bots?


dont blame discobot, they have been mistreated


You mean to get the engagement numbers on those Paramore reviews up or




I think he posted a steamed ham meme


@colon_closed_bracket seems to have a good relationship with @discobot

ccb: are you able to coax him out of hiding?


@discobot doesn’t answer to you anymore. YOU answer to discobot


or maybe @rockbot got to him?


About 8 years back if I tweeted and included the word “Robocop” a Robocop bot would reply “thank you for your co-operation” or “I’ll buy that for a dollar”. Not sure if this still works.


It’s probably turned on us. Terminator 2 predicted this moment.


While we’re at it, the users who posted thing is broken on this thread too. Unless I am now @xylo and @midnightpunk is @SenorDingDong



I made him say something negative in the positive RHCP thread yesterday, so he might have got banned.


discobot 4: fuck off discobot


Broke the rules in this thread:

I made it abundantly clear what the consequences would be so this edgelord user has now been banned.


The Discobot on my work forum is still working, and has apparently achieved enlightenment:

Assuming the one here has achieved sentience through reading about pasta machines and Brexit, and just doesn’t want to talk to us anymore


maybe he fell over and can’t get back up again?


Harsh but fair.


:left_speech_bubble: A jug fills drop by drop. — Buddha


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.