Has anyone seen that sitcom about Shakespeare with David Mitchell & Harry Enfield & Liza Tarbuck?


It was on in the background the other day, the sound was muted but I could still tell it was dogshit.

I watched it and was convinced for a good 15 minutes it was like some meta-sketch show about how shit Ben Elton style sitcoms are nowadays

Upstart Crow’s Tongue?

Surely Shakespeare is funny enough without them needing to make a sitcom?


I would watch that

was certain this was gonna be a Jordan pun thread


“You have a way with words”

“Not me. Old Bill Shakespeare”

Said Steve Bruce

He’s too modest.

*wrote Steve Bruce

I generally like it, but this second series is a stretch too far.

Mark Heap relishing every moment is always diverting.

i accidentally watched a couple of minutes of it. the horror, the horror…

sorry, *said Steve Barnes

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was expecting a tongue joke at least

Ive seen an episode of this. The guy playing the actor as Ricky Gervais thing is odd.

How on earth did this get recommissioned? The first series was woeful enough.


“has anyone seen that sitcom with Harry Enfield & Liza Tarbuck?”