Has anyone seen those new CEX adds?

They refer to the shop as Cex pronounced sex!
Also speaking to a guy the other day about the SAS and he started calling is The Sas!
I don’t know what is going on with society

Sas like when you sass someone? That’s better imo.

I am SASsy

You cant start saying abbreviations as if they were words, that is ridiculous!

come on there has to be some sort of line in the sand otherwise u will end up with a an abbreviation of a string of abbreviations

Not true. Everyone from The TST calls themselvers a TSTer (pronounced toaster).

Talk to you soon!

PIN number!?
Garlic Bread!?

This is a load of C. R. A. P.

Let’s talk about cex baby
Let’s talk micro USB
Let’s talk about all the copies
For 50p
Let’s talk about cex


Once you see the sideways house in CEX you can never unsee it

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Whatever happened to the sideways ghost of acid house anyway?

they cannot be cerious

MAURICE JR: Oh yes, CeX vouchers! Can’t wait to buy a second hand Dreamcast and an out of print Papa Roach best of on CD with a cracked jewel case

MAURICE SR: kids these days just wasting their sex vouchers. Political correctness gone mad you can’t be a man anymore else the feminists