Has anyone successfully recovered stuff off a dead hard drive? - The Thread!


the old HDD from my Macbook Pro stopped working - got told the OS had been corrupted. there’s a bunch of music stuff on there I want to get back.

tried connecting it with a caddy and it didn’t mount. I’m going to double-check Disk Utility to see if it shows up, but I doubt it will.

so. has anyone ever retrieved data in this situation, and if so, how did you go about it?

even better, does anyone do anything like this?

thanks. :hopeful_face:


Yeah. Got a cable, installed relevant drivers (they were in Linux-friendly filesystem formats that Windows couldn’t read), recovered all my very important documents*.

What computer are you using? Can it read whatever hipster file system that Macs use?



Did you use Time Machine? If so the files will be backed up.


I’m using the same Macbook with a new HDD. hooked the old one up with no success, but if there are some fancy drivers than can somehow make it appear and a program that I can then use to do the reovery… that’d be neat?


I am resourceful enough to know that’s a thing, but not resourceful enough to have used that in the first place.


No, unfortunately. Tried by paying a local independent PC shop to have a few shots at recovering an external HDD. But it was not to be. Wasn’t the greatest loss as I had backups for everything that wasn’t music. And for everything that was music, 90+% is stuff I have on CD. On that basis, I couldn’t justify going down the full whack forensic recovery route.


what did they say about it, WZA?


I put it in a sealed bag in the freezer, then put it back in and used some software (whose name I forget) to try and scrape the data as the partition table was fucked. Realised that most of the data wasn’t being recognised by the tool and each use was risking it getting fucked beyond repair. It was only the photos I cared about as they were my only copies and irreplacable. Ended up paying three hundred quid getting them professionally recovered. They recovered pretty much everything and since then I keep multiple raids in multiple locations and cloud backups of all that sort of stuff.


Just that there was nothing they could do with the resources they had. As I say, thankfully I could just shrug and move on as the only thing lost was time spent ripping my CDs (which I’ve not bothered to re-rip - mp3s are dead - I have insured CDs and streaming available, so meh) and a few downloaded mixes (FACT type stuff - again, meh).


£300? how big was the drive?


1TB I think


the stuff on my HDD is my own music, is the thing :frowning: so I need to get it back.


wow, okay. that’s not too bad! where bounce did u get it done, hun?


Just had a butch through my old emails.

It was these guys: http://www.advanceddatarecovery.co.uk


sweet… imma have a gander at this, fingers crossed.


. :pensive: .


you can just get it back from your BACKUPS, right


hey! has anyone ever reformatted an external hard drive without losing the stuff that’s on it? ive got loads of stuff on a couple of hard drives that were formatted for my old macbook but my new windows laptop cant read them. if i reformat them i’ll lose everything on there. theres too much stuff to put back on my macbook and its not reliable enough for that anyway really. there must be a way of doing this without too much messing about right? RIGHT?

ive been reading articles about how to do it, like this

seems like it might work. but idk what format the hard drive is so i cant be sure. are there shops that would do this for me? why does this feel more complicated than it needs to?


Never done it but some of this might be useful?


Don’t do anything yet. I have experience with apple and windows formatted disks. Helped a few friends before.

I’ll write a proper reply later