Has anyone watched the Netflix film Ibiza?


I watched it last night with my daughter. Can’t quite get my head round how it made it to the screen

Like, it’s bad, that’s not a great suprise. It’s clearly been made with some cash from the Spanish tourist board or something, no real issues there.

What amazed me is the writer (s??) seem to have no idea how story works. No one has any real character flaws, there is no conflict, no character development, no misunderstandings (generally pretty core to romantic comedies). I mean even bad films usually have that

Also the 3x (female) main characters only ever talk to each other about men they like.

It was so bad I can’t stop thinking about it

I’m predicting 5 replies max cos no one else will have watched it.


I was unable to make it through the trailer.


I couldn’t even look at the banner ads I saw for it


I cancelled my Netflix subscription as soon as it was released


I refused to sign up for Netflix just in case it was made.


I’ve never even heard of Netflix


I thought it was hilarious and heartwarming




What’s the internet?


I was offended how it was into that autoplay trailer thing when you turn on Netflix.

(I then instead put on my DVD box sets of 2 Broke Girls.)


The trailer made me sad because Gillian Jacobs is OK.


I was offended how it went* into autoplay

(That should have read.)


It was that bad i kicked a nun in the chin.


its 5 years since I was in Ibiza


No! We’re not going to watch Ibiza


I tried it because my Netflix is expiring in a few days and I can’t commit to tv shows, and it isn’t very good. The only black character is the one with no standards and with the hypersexualisation of black females and the stereotype that black women are always dtf, I wasn’t impressed. I mean if they all were like that then okay, but they weren’t. I got about halfway with a lot of skipping before turning to something else (shrek 2 - a beautiful film)