Has ATP rebranded?

Are the Bosstones playing?

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ffs i’ve been using safeasmilk for accounts for ages

That’s the impression that i get!


As others have said, Safe As Milk is Tusk and AltVinyl.

Victoria Warehouse does have a connection to ATP though, in that Hogan is working for them to pay off his debts.

this why there’s a Release The Bats event tonight (which people seem irked with on Fb)?

apparently it was massively oversold and the PA was quiet and the whole thing a bit of a disaster. My mate left half way through

The comments in here are worth reading…

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genuinely never heard such negative feedback, sounds disgusting the way it was all handled. everything from the layout to the sound, the early start time, the capacity… never heard anything like it in 20 years in the city.

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Bit weird to complain about the early start time. The ticket said doors opened at 6:30, the website said show starts at 8pm, it started at 8:30.

The layout is the same as it always is at Victoria warehouse :confused:

i wasn’t there, i just keep reading the same complaints from friends and others. a complete disaster by the sounds of it. by ‘layout’ i mean a completely unsuitable set-up and layout for this particular gig with a load of people in a completely different room from the gig itself, it appears.


“Disgusting”, “complete disaster”, “never heard such negative feedback”.

Log off Facebook and the hyperbole maybe. And if you’re this outraged on others behalf, for Pete’s sake don’t watch/read the news.

Sorry, this page isn’t available

The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.

Be great if he had to do that for all the people he’s in debt with

Looks like they’ve deleted the event page.

Vintage Barry Hogan

More at the above ATP farce


Bit less sympathy for people at the carpenters show after seeing mousse’s pic on facebook of all the phone wankers

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ATP have posted this on facebook…

Answers to your questions.

  1. ATP was NOT the promoter for the Manchester or the London shows for John Carpenter. We have helped as much as we can along the way but the shows were taken over by Victoria Warehouse who saved the whole tour once ATP live went into liquidation. Our original event pages were left up even after ATP live ceased trading as to keep the fans who had bought tickets informed and updated. But we are not the promoters of these 3 performances. Our main Facebook page is for the ATP Record Label which is a separate entity to the live company that closed and will also serve as a festival archive.
  2. John Carpenter chose to not have a support act. We respected the artists wishes.
  3. John Carpenter will be on stage at 8.30pm on Monday 31st October 2016 and 8.30pm Tuesday 1 Nov 2016.
    His set is 75 mins as it has been every night on the tour. He played 75 mins in Manchester and not 1 hour.
  4. The box office for both London performances will be open from 5pm on both days for collections.
  5. Ticket enquiries should be sent to Jorge@victoriawarehouse.com or Brian@victoriawarehouse.com. If your tickets haven’t arrived they will most likely be at will call. Brian and Jorge will able to assist you with any enquiries.
  6. The lights inside the pumpkins were not real candles. The lady accusing the decorators of having real candles inside that she saw with her own eyes, needs to realise she is mistaken and probably needs to see her optician.
  7. Manchester venue is licensed to 4500 and that is what was sold. The venue sells this many tickets on all sold out concerts.

6 is completely unnecessarily personal and shows the complete lack of regard they hold for their paying punters

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That is the craziest thing. Like a real life situation of having to wash the dishes to pay for your meal?