Has it ever crossed your mind to donate money to Wikipedia?




Briefly, yes




I’m not counting reading the donation plea as it xing* your mind.

*I did this for fun


If anything, they owe me money.


I actually have.

I figured I’d had £2 worth of information out of them.


I don’t think wanking off over their Bristol Stool chart diagram counts as them owing you money.


What was it?


No, I know. I have read the donation plea and briefly considered actually donating as a tangible thought.

(Really liked the “xing” thing, very playful use of language)


This https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frensham_Common


Nothing worse than websites begging for money IMHO. If you can’t afford to run it shut it down


what if they can afford to run it on donations?



Doesn’t work.


Not a feasible busy model.

NB. Don’t believe in any of this, just thought i’d have a dig at dis through this thread


Irish DiS or UK DiS?


There’s more to Ireland dan Dis


I have donated two years running only £2 but I really like wikipedia and the principles of Jimmy not selling out and keeping the sites integrity rather than taking the money and running!


No, money is too scarce for me.


Alright Mick Hucknall.


Actually don’t waste your money people.

It will be killed in the forthcoming “fake news purge” as it can be edited by anyone and the NWO want to control all the press brother