Has no one posted about Big Knickers the cow, yet?

Almost 6’ 5" at the shoulder!


I’m quite scared of bigger than average things.

This is really making me uneasy.


if its any consolation, this cow is a steer, which means he’ll live the rest of his life guiding other cows to different fields, generally being the lead cow etc.

could be a wanker cow, but thats a rare thing.

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Yes I have this with plants. I mean it sounds stupid because trees are enormous but they are the size I expect them to be.

Whereas gunnera, say, is Rhubarb that is GIANT with a massive spikes on the underside and it gives me the shivers

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with @Antpocalypsenow on this one, cows are great. are pretty much constantly ‘fuck off, I could kill you, but I wont, and I know I have to walk 200 metres to eat and fuck about in the grass, but fuck you’ when you’re working with them.



Did you ever watch the BBC documentary about British sculpture called Romancing the Stone? They did a cgi shot of what the proposed Britannia statue at Greenwich would have looked like had it been built. Gives me shudders just thinking of how massive it was.

(Just realised I can actually rewatch that show via my uni library, giant statue aside it was one if the most enjoyable shows I’ve seen for a long time and really got me into sculpture)

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I did not see this but I’ll look out for it, cheers!

Sadly never repeated as far as I know. I wonder if I can find a way to download and keep all these shows I keep forgetting I have access to before I graduate. Annoys me how some amazing BBC stuff just vanishes and they don’t even offer a paid version of it once its gone.

I’ll take a screenshot of Britannia when I get around to it.

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In fact. Here you go!

200 feet high. Going to have nightmares now.



Big boats… awful.

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I…no, never mind

My ex had this. There was one in the harbour in Barcelona that was yuge and it sent her funny

Was it out of the water? That’s the worst. Also when you see videos of people in dinghies going right up near big scabby oil tankers while
they’re moving or the like. Ugh.

It was this bugger;

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Do you think in the event of very choppy seas that an Oasis-class cruise ship just rolls with it?


Something something mars bar something

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you look different since you moved

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