Has the default colour of the board changed?



Put your head through the LCD panel


What’s an LCD panel?


Don’t know what you’re on about. Maybe it isn’t changed for dis premium members?




Individual threads have had the white background and blue highlights brightened, but the main Social page is still the same.

This means that @Steved’s avatar blends in on the front page, but not in a thread.


yeah I liked it before, this seems harder on the eyes

I’m also afraid of change


I can’t fuckin believe it


Was it just to make me switch?
Cos I’ve just switched. Also, why are all the alternatives so terrible?
Dirty yellow? :anguished: No thanks.


Wait, there are more colour options!?


Woooooooah! Maybe that’s the new change!

I’m a Grey Skull wanker now and fuck all the defaulto, dirty yellow and dark mode pricks!


i thought there was something wrong with my monitor


What’s going on?


i think the boards are on fire


been there for a couple of weeks i think. the pink one is grotesque


literally just tried the pink one. my word.


I’m really confused. My colour blindness is not helping.

  • Default
  • Grey Skull
  • Dirty Yellow
  • Dark Mode
  • P!nk
  • I’m quitting the boards

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oh yeah forgot about that :smiley:

the blue text has become a bit brighter


default fits in better with my work screens but is better in every single other way as well of course.


I think yellow is there because it is meant to be easier for people with dyslexia, it is quite a common option for websites which have proper accessibility features.