Has the default colour of the board changed?



changed it to grey skull and now it isn’t letting me change back for some reason


Fair play if it is useful for people, I actually forgot that. I’ve seen people use yellow overlays for the same reason irl.

Everyone knows pink is probably the least likely option to be picked.
(waits for someone to explain the entirely wholesome reason for that option too)





I am aware of no change.

Looks like my subscription is paying off.


Yeah my premiere membership means no changes for me too!


SAME with dark mode. which i briefly changed to and immediately decided i hated it.

cna’t change it back. help


I’ve just changed it to pink and it won’t go back.

My eyyyyes!


There are lines now underneath things! On top of things too I guess… but lines!


might keep it on pink just to really irk myself


I might have to start a site feedback thread about this (probably won’t though)


P!nk is upsetting. I’ve had to change to Grey Skull to calm down.


i like the pink, ie it’s a nice colour, but find it a bit bright for a background


honestly fucking unusable. whoever said Dark Mode was the way to go is a wanker and when i get the site back to normal colours i will ban them



Grey is a lot better than full dark mode, actual dark mode is quite unpleasant.


Yeah, I preferred dark mode because it looked more like my work stuff, but it was too dark. Grey mode is the perfect, mundane compromise.


yeah ban those chumps

I’ve just discovered I can switch between all of them, except default


wtf, this does not happen to me, how weird


yeah i edited it myself