Has the DiS logo at the top of this page always been out of focus?

Or has it been replaced recently?

Or is it my eyes?

I demand answers, although I should probably point out that I can’t handle the truth.

sean’s paying by the pixel here. He’s not made of money, ffs.


it’s not out of focus?

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how’s that a question?

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you can’t handle the truth?

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i regret ever entering this thread!

It’s not out of focus.

Woah, how much are they paying you to say this?

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Yor like the old folk in the Simpsons

You got your readers on @saps?

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Anyone can find an in-focus logo and post it here.

What about the one at the top of this page, you corporate shill?


That’s a screenshot of the top of this page. I’m not mental.

It’s not the same size for a start.

Retina display innit (good laptop).

It’s just a low quality image

And now it’s not blurry.

What are you up to, Theo?

Haha. Looks perfect on mine. What browser are you using?