Has there been a 'stuff to do in Berlin' thread on the new boards yet?



I’m going to Berlin in late february for the first time since I was very small.
Going to Hertha - Frankfurt, other than that we’ve got 4 days to do whatever.
Tell me about good, fun and enjoyable shit, also where would be the best area of the city to get an Airbnb?

Feel free to call me a twat for starting another Berlin thread

Berlin Recommendations

Had lots of fun when I went to see Hertha earlier this year. Was very warm :slight_smile:

Berlin have recently banned Airbnbs, so… get a hotel. I’d recommend Casa Camper which is in Mitte.

Treptower Park, Tempelhof (rent bikes for these if it isn’t absolutely freezing), Jewish Museum, Holocaust Memorial, obvs just walk by the East Side Gallery. If you’ve not done the Topography of Terror or the Stasi Museum then they’re worth a look maybe (don’t bother with the DDR one, shite).

Coffee: Chapter One and The Barn.

Drinking: everyone goes to Neukoln these days.

It will be fucking freezing in Berlin in February so wrap up warm.


did a search on Airbnb last night and there were loads of places? strange. Annoyingly Hertha are sponsored by a betting company so probs not gunna bother getting the kit while I’m there.

Thanks for the recommendations pal, would love to rent a bike and go for a mega ride on one of the days but no way my girlfriend would go for that


Ah, looks like they’ve just “restricted” it: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/may/01/berlin-authorities-taking-stand-against-airbnb-rental-boom

FWIW, if your budget can stretch to Casa Camper I’d stay there, hands down one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in. Berlin;s public transport system is really great so stay wherever you fancy. Neukoln if you wanna go out in the evening maybe, though the bars in Friendrichshain and literally everywhere else are also cool. Try and find a gig as well maybe. Berlin has a few cool venues.

Tempelhof and Treptower are fine for a pootle on town bikes if your girlfriend fancies it. Mike and I rented road bikes and went for MASSIVE rides and it was fun but not particularly interesting riding round there.


These people do guided tours of underground spaces, eg bomb shelters, bunkers, a partically exploded ww2 anti-aircraft tower etc. I have done 2 out of the 5 tours and they are great: http://berliner-unterwelten.de/home.1.1.html


Berlin is over mate - it’s basically the equivalent of going on a Club 18 - 30 holiday these days only with terrible weather. Get yourself to Leipzig with all the other second generation Denglish hipsters…

(Will try to remember to add recommendations for Berlin later when not on my phone)


I really like the Computer Game Museum.


How many years before they move on to Chemnitz/Karlmarxstadt?


More an Erndtebrück man usually, not sure I trust anywhere outside of Nordrhein-Westfalen


Try a Berliner Weisse. It’s the local wheat beer, the red version is raspberry, the green one is flavoured with herbs. They don’t look as lurid as this photo in real life.


That green one looks a fucking abomination


Looks terrible, tastes nice.


Do bother with the DDR museum if you want a dose of kitsch with an informative angle.
Also: Museum der Dinge - Literally a Museum of Things!
Spy museum.
Scary door: Medizinshistorisches Museum - Medical History Museum.
Bunker tour (we went on the one that leaves from the Berlin Story Museum)
All the things
All the bars.
Can vouch for Almódovar hotel and Hotel Klassik.
Have always had good hostel experiences (with private en-suite rooms) in Berlin, too.


Berlinische Gallerie (modern art, 1880 onwards), was good, too.