Has there been a thread about The Streets in 2018 yet?

I thought they were done with Computers and Blues but that seemed premature. They’re doing some gigs next year, and then they released two singles. Popped up in my Spotify playlist today.

Sounds a bit in neutral. Brekbeat sounds like it’s taken off Original Pirate Material mind.

Not sure how well this style has aged tbh.

Will check this out. Found the Darker the Shadow stuff facinating but didn’t fall in loive with it.

My sister posted earlier on that Facebook about tickets she’d bought for a Streets gig arriving. Until then I’d assumed he hadn’t done anything since that album with Rob from the Music and just did slightly eccentric solo DJ sets, one of which I’ve had the dubious privilege of seeing.

Agree with the poster above that this sort of style hasn’t aged especially well. That “Sometimes I hate my friends…” backing track sounds like that Tinchy Stryder/Chuckle Brothers collab from the other year and once you notice that it’s very difficult to unhear.

Original Pirate Material is still great. Zero interest in hearing anything new or seeing him live though, obviously

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I really love The Streets. Got a ticket for Brixton on the Thursday. Apparently it’ll mostly be be Original Pirate Material and A Grand Don’t Come For Free which should be good. Weak Become Heroes is still one of the best songs ever.

Looking for one spare for the Thursday if anyone happens to have one / hear about one.