Has there been a thread about those replaying, gif kind of photos on Facebook


they’re shit

Where have they come from




I’d like to know what they’re called so I can tell everyone how white they are


Guys, I hate to break it to you all but I was on facebook for about 5 seconds last week.

I got an email saying “XX has updated their status” and I was like WHAT THE FUCK and I clicked on it and BAM my facebook was wide open. I didn’t put a password in?
Must have been hacked right. I deactivated straight away.


Can white people say things are so white?

(I am racistly assuming you are white)


I meant to write shite


I haven’t seen any. My Facebook feed is mostly board games, wedding photos, guitar equipment and babies I don’t care about.




They’re like those Iphone live action photos on repeat, you’ve deffo seen 'em


Do you mean boomerang?


The ones that go A–>B–>A–>B-- etc?

Fucking hate those.


I’ve seen them on Instagram but not Facebook.


Hate them!

Why do people think they’re ducking good


Definitely can - being self aware.

for example this is the whitest fucking nonsense I have seen in a good 24 hours.


Yes! That’s it, hate it


gifs are fine, boomerangs are annoying

and while i’m here, it’s giff and not jiff

thank u


I Like gifs I HATE boomerangs


I feel like boomerangs would be fine if they were ever of anything good. It’s the content that’s the issue most of the time, rather than the format


nah, it’s the fact that they go backwards which always makes the content seem really goofy no matter what it is


I quite like some boomerangs and some I don’t. I haven’t seen any posted to FB though.

The main issue is Instagram’s interface is utter shit. Why can’t you zoom in before you take a photo or video? With Boomerang you can’t seem to import videos and take a snippet so it becomes even harder to take something that is just right and might look cool.