Has there been anything good on the wireless recently?

I’d quite like to download some stuff to listen to when I’m at my folks’ over Christmas on the occasions I have to take refuge in my room while they’re watching crap telly. Got plenty of music to keep me going, but some decent drama or documentary stuff would be good, also.

In our time is always good

I can’t stand Melvyn Bragg, unfortunately.

grace dent’s ‘the untold’

documentary of the week has been re-named ‘seriously…’

there’s an arthur russell one on there

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Ooh, Arthur Russell

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reckon this ones is just as DiSer friendly…about ian nairn and post-war town planning

also theres stuff like jarvis cocker on carson mccullers, molly dineen on the art of documentary filmmaking and lauren laverne on the wind and the willows


also, i’ve recommend it in every podcast thread ever, but you must remember this is the best narrative documentary podcast series that isn’t (strictly) about crime

Karina Longworth is so thorough with her research, and so adept at tying threads together to craft stories.

Miniseries include:

  • Charles Manson’s Hollywood
  • Star Wars (celebrities and their lives during WWII, deployment, the Hollywood Canteen etc.)
  • The Many Loves Of Howard Hughes
  • MGM Stories (profiles on key players in the story of MGM studios)
  • The Blacklist (about, believe it or not, the blacklist)
  • Six Degrees Of Joan Crawford

Excellent, thank you!