Has there been no thread on Cheddar Man?


Cheddar Man 1 - 0 Gammon Man

How’s this news going down in your office?


Someone said that they now don’t have to mute themselves in rap songs when certain words are said


My first instinct is he looks a bit like the Art Attack head


1-nil racists?


-very obvious racist joke about evolution which I won’t post.

-argument about whether aboriginal people are a different species.



Did we not already know that all human lineage traces back to North Africa?




That’s the out of Africa theory (approx 72,000 - 60,000 BCE)

But this is an early British settler from ~10,000 years ago who belonged to a population that is direct ancestor to 1 in 10 modern Brits so a bit of a more specific area


Ah shit, ignore.


Jewish conspiracy


Some of Somerset’s great Cheddar Men were known to put away 30 cheddars or more in a day


Sort of funny timing because yesterday I saw a big Twitter spat about a portrayal of Queen Nefertiti with lightish skin and people complaining that she would have been black, before other people pointed out that ancient Egyptians were fairly distinct from modern-sub-Saharan African populations and had more in common with Levantine / Anatolian people, so olive skin is more correct than black skin.


Couldn’t stop gorging


it’s amazing really just how much the human brain’s ability to create a consistent and believable internal logic and grammar completely overshadows its ability to recognise that it doesn’t have a fucking clue what it’s talking about most of the time


There was fairly major travel 10s of 1000’s years ago - not like today, of course, but North American ancestry can be traced back to Russians / Asians and anyone who could cross the bering strait. Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest - Rome had black emperors for instance (although slightly different, admittedly).

I could see a biological scenario where black skin would be ‘bred out’ (is that racist? I hope not) but not where 10,000 years of environment would cause the change to white skin.

I’m also unsure what point you’re making? Is it that black people are indigenous so paunchy men in shorts ‘Britain is for White people’ arguments are now even more defunct?


A friend of mines from cheddar


Cheddar man
better keep your head
Don’t forget
what your good book said


hell yes


I love stories like this - cheers, it rings a slight bell but from one of those crackpot russian websites that believe we’re all part of some elaborate lizard space people theory.